Toyota's Smart Sienna Viral Ads

The concept of Toyota’s new viral videos promoting the redesigned Sienna is a pretty radical departure for the staid company. It features an incredibly dorky mom and dad who are oblivious to just how lame they are, which is the continuing joke of all seven videos — and their shorter TV commercial versions — that also happen to point out the van’s features.

It gets a little old after one or two, but it’s surprising that the Sienna is the one Toyota vehicle with a unique ad campaign. A few years ago, the minivan was featured in a humorous TV spot that mimicked a sultry perfume commercial.

While these videos all use the tag lines “Daddy Like” or “Mommy Like,” those phrases are actually used on billboards for the Sienna as well, and they have a bit more impact.

The 2011 Sienna recently went on sale and is the first new Toyota to feature a brake override system, which is a fail-safe measure for unintended acceleration.

Check out the other videos on Toyota's YouTube page for the Sienna and let us know what you think.
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