Ford Fiesta to Get 'American Idol' Treatment

If you watch “American Idol” — or live with someone who does — you’re all too familiar with the horrendously cheesy music videos the final contestants film to promote a Ford product. This is part of what people in the ad business call “integrated advertising.” I’ll just call it cheesy.

Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, there’s no arguing how hugely popular the show is, with or without Paula Abdul. That’s why Ford’s placement of the Fiesta in this year’s series is of some importance.

The car will debut tonight, but Ford is taking things “to the next level” by having each of the final 12 contestants customize a Fiesta to his or her liking.  Each contestant will team up with one of four Ford designers to pick colors, wheels, accessories and body graphics to create a unique design. The car is already prominently placed on the show’s website — I checked it out while researching this post.I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for how Lee Dewyze (second from right) customizes his Fiesta, since I might see it driving around our shared hometown of Mount Prospect, Ill. Yes, I’m rooting for the guy.

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