Georgia House Passes 'Slowpoke' Law

Have you ever felt a brief flare of road rage while stuck behind a slow driver in the left lane on a four-lane highway? It may not happen frequently, but when it does, your contempt for the person using the passing lane as their personal cruising la-la land can reach fantastic heights.

Georgia’s House of Representatives has passed a measure that would fine a motorist $75 for driving below the speed limit in the left lane. The legislation was introduced by Republican Rep. Mark Butler, who apparently got behind a slowpoke on his way to work once too often. His bill passed on a 129-29 vote in the House and still needs Senate approval and the governor’s signature to become law.

Perhaps it sounds like a whiny law, but the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and AAA Auto Club South see potential safety benefits by cutting down on tailgating and increasing the carrying capacity of the highways.

Supporters of the bill are quick to point out that they do not advocate driving faster than the speed limit.

Slowpokes in Left Lane Face Fines Under Georgia Bill (Augusta Chronicle via Jalopnik)

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