Cameras Can Set Speed Traps From Space

In a very bad development for lead-footed drivers, the U.K. government is testing a new type of speed camera that uses satellites to catch cars exceeding the speed limit.

The “SpeedSpike” system measures average speed between any two points in a network, and it’s believed the system could cover a network of residential streets to enforce speed limits around schools, reduce congestion and allow law enforcement to focus their priorities elsewhere.

American-owned company PIPS Technology says the cameras can capture license plate numbers in “all weather conditions, 24 hours a day” and also touted the system’s low cost and easy installation.

Yet if drivers all but revolt at the idea of speed cameras snapping pictures of their license plates and sending them tickets in the mail, what makes the U.K. government or PIPS think that anyone will be remotely cool with space cameras sending them speeding tickets?

Furthermore, if this is the stuff being dreamed up to nab speeders, why exactly haven’t we caught Osama bin Laden?

New Speed Cameras Trap Motorists From Space (The Telegraph)

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