Fixed Cars May Have Different Driving Feel, Toyota Chief Warns

Owners of recalled Toyota vehicles who had their cars fixed at a dealership may feel as if their cars drive slightly differently, according to Toyota division chief Bob Carter.

In an interview with Drive On, Carter said that while this is not a safety concern, owners may feel as if their vehicles drive differently after the repairs, which may lead to the misunderstanding that their vehicles are still dangerous.

In the case of the Prius, this could happen because the Prius’ engine computer reverts to its factory default settings after the brakes are fixed.

With the recalls for unintended acceleration, a shim inserted into the gas pedal to prevent it from sticking could create a different feel.

Carter also said that Toyota technicians have been told to look out for new problems that could arise from other issues. He cites the example of two cases where carpeting near the accelerators appeared as if it could jam the pedals.

Despite the issues, Carter told Drive On he remains confident that Toyota can reclaim its reputation for safety and reliability and that last month’s sales boost of 40% was proof of this.

Toyota Boss Says Owners of Fixed Cars May Feel Driving Differences (Drive On)

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