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How Much Gas Per Capita Does Your State Use?

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The graph above shows the amount of gas consumed per capita for each state, with green meaning low consumption, purple medium and red high. The graph is a bit counterintuitive because big, populous states like New York and Illinois are low-use. Even sprawling California is only middle of the pack.

Rural and Southern states make up most of the high-use states. But because it’s per capita, this likely reflects population concentrations. For instance, New York and Illinois have a large chunk of their populations concentrated in major cities, while driving across Georgia or Oklahoma requires much more time behind the wheel. This could also correlate to what types of cars people buy.

The lesson is that while populous states will always use more fuel, at least each driver is using less of it. Then again, with every state averaging more than nine barrels of gasoline per year for every man, woman and child, none of us really have bragging rights.

How Much Gas Does Your State Use Per Person? (The Infrastucturist)