Reviews the 2011 Honda Odyssey

The current Honda Odyssey is one of the oldest entries in the minivan segment. The model was in need of an update, and for 2011, a redesigned, modernized Odyssey is hitting the streets. This new hauler solves one of the inconveniences large families face: It has an expandable second row that can fit three large child-safety seats. Almost everything is better than the previous model, according to senior editor David Thomas, and the 2011 shows off Honda’s high level of interior quality.

Our family-oriented blog,, has its own take on the new Odyssey. Senior editor Kristin Varela was wowed by the 2011 Odyssey’s well-planned interior that has a cool box for cans or bottles, a rear entertainment system with a widescreen video display and 15 – yes, 15! – cupholders.’s 2011 Honda Odyssey Review’s 2011 Honda Odyssey Preview

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