2011 Acura TSX: Best Station Wagon Commercial Ever

There are those among us who love station wagons. They like that you can get a large cargo area without a high step-in height. They don’t mind having the vantage point of a car rather than the higher-riding SUV.

That’s why this new commercial for the Acura TSX SportWagon called “Transformation” is so terrific. While most owners won’t take a highway off-ramp at the same speeds as the commercial's stunt driver does — and probably shouldn’t — watching the sedan transform into the wagon while doing the maneuver is a treat for wagon enthusiasts. We also appreciate the type of transformation going on in this ad, which is far removed from the over-CGIed effects of the recent "Transformers" movies.

A video of the making of the commercial is below.

The 2011 TSX SportWagon goes on sale later this year.

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