Best Buy to Install EV Charging Stations

As the EV revolution charges up, America’s largest electronics retailer, whose products usually get plugged into outlets themselves, will assist some of its customers to do the same with their cars. Best Buy will install EV charging ports in front of 12 of its stores by the end of March 2011, according to

The charging ports are a part of the EV Project, a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and the private firm ECOtality. The ports will be installed at Best Buy stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz. More stores could be added, depending on whether Best Buy shoppers use the test ports.

Best Buy sells electric bicycles, scooters and a motorcycle at select stores, too. There’s no word if the Blink EV charging stations the company will use are compatible with its own products.

Best Buy to Plug EV Charging Stations (


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