What Does This Button Do?

This one is almost too easy. It’s a picture of pine trees and sits right in the middle of other climate controls in the redesigned 2011 Infiniti M37. That means it clearly kicks on the automated air freshener that the Infiniti engineers ingeniously invented. It maintains the perfect level of pine tree aroma in the cabin. It even senses when the winter holidays are approaching and dials the fragrance up to 11.

OK, that’s not what this button does. What do you think the pine trees bring about inside the cabin?

This is actually the button that activates Infiniti’s new Forest Air system that tries to simulate what a breeze feels like rather than the artificial gusts that air-conditioning units have been bombarding us with for generations.

“It’s slightly breezy, as intended, but most of the time the varying fan speeds are too minute to notice,” said Cars.com editor Kelsey Mays.

However, we weren’t entirely kidding about the air-freshener aspect. Infiniti says it also helps eliminate odors, but there is no added scent involved.
The people who make the 99-cent tree-shaped air fresheners that hang from your visor will be happy to hear that.
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