Toyota Pays $10 Million Settlement in Fatal Crash

The fatal accident involving a Lexus and a California Highway Patrolman that launched an investigation into claims of unintended acceleration has been settled for $10 million, The Associated Press reported today.

The agreement was actually reached in September, but the amount was released recently by a lawyer for the Lexus dealership from which the loaner vehicle originated. The documents in the settlement, including the cash amount, had been sealed from the public. The family of the four people killed in the 2009 crash has not reached a similar agreement with the dealership in question. Toyota does not admit or deny any liability in the settlement.
Ten-million dollars is a large sum of money, but the damage done to Toyota since the accident is in the billions in terms of the cost of the recalls themselves and the damage to the brand.
Lawyer: Toyota to Pay $10 Million in Lexus Lawsuit (The Associated Press)

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