2011 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 Adds Equipment, Power

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The Genesis 4.6 gets an added 10 horsepower to its 4.6-liter V-8, which now makes 378 hp with unleaded gasoline and 385 hp with premium. The boost in power actually occurred as a running change to the 2010 model year that occurred midcycle, according to Hyundai spokesmen Dan Bedore. It’s rated at 17/25 mpg city/highway.

Besides that, the Genesis 4.6 now comes with many more standard features, including a 17-speaker surround-sound audio system, 8-inch touch-screen navigation system, adaptive cruise control, electronic parking brake, ventilated driver’s seat, adaptive high-intensity-discharge headlights, front and rear parking sensors, and a rearview camera.

The added features mean a higher price tag. The 2011 Genesis 4.6 now starts at an even $43,000, which is a $3,500 price bump from the 2010 model. Hyundai essentially added the Technology Package as standard equipment to the V-8 Genesis, which is how much the package cost last year, so there is no price premium. But that leaves buyers with fewer choices when it comes to picking a V-8 model.

As for the V-6-powered Genesis 3.8, no content changes were made, and the model still starts at $33,000. You can get the Technology Package on the 3.8, but it’s a $5,500 option. Destination is $800 for both trims.

The 2011 Genesis is already on sale, and judging from’s inventory page, there are plenty of 2011s. Hyundai is offering $1,500 in either competitive or loyalty cash back until Aug. 31.

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