2011 Porsche Cayenne in Short Supply

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Porsche Cayenne sales have increased sharply this year, spurring the automaker to increase production, according to Bloomberg.

In the interim, don’t be surprised if you have to wait for the Cayenne of your dreams. The latest-generation Cayenne went on sale last summer and has been a popular seller for the automaker. Sales of the Cayenne were up 103% in June and up 164% so far for 2011. It’s one of the fastest-selling vehicles on our Movers and Losers list for June. The luxury SUV takes just 15 days to move off of a dealer’s lot. The Cayenne made up almost 45% of Porsche’s U.S. sales so far this year.

With such swift sales, it’s not surprising to find that the luxury SUV is in short supply. There are about 500 Cayennes and Cayenne Hybrids in dealer inventory as of July 1, according to Automotive News. That’s equivalent to a 14-day supply at the current sales rate. The car company says demand from other regions such as China means global production is stretched thin. The Cayenne is built in Germany and Slovakia and shares its platform with the Audi Q7 (another popular seller).

If you’re cross-shopping the Porsche against other popular German SUVs like the BMW X5 or Audi Q7, those models are also hard to come by. The Audi Q7 (12 days to move) and BMW X5 (11 days) are fast sellers.

Porsche Plans to Raise Cayenne Production After Sales of Vehicle Surge 37% (Bloomberg)

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