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Electric Cars Park for Free at LAX (Volt, Too)

We’ve reported on several stories like this in the past: Owning an electric vehicle has the great fringe benefit of more accessible, and sometimes free, parking. The perk got better when we heard you can park at Los Angeles International Airport for free as well.

Parking is free for EVs parked at charging stations for up to 30 days per visit at LAX. That’s a maximum savings of $360 to $900 depending on where you park at the airport. On top of that, EVs get to park in the central terminal parking stations, typically used for short-term parking.

Since EVs are still a relatively new concept, there seems to be some confusion over which cars actually qualify as “electric”, according to a GM-owned Volt enthusiasts’ website. Apparently, when contributor Shad Balch parked his Chevrolet Volt at the station for two days, the parking attendant wanted $89 for the stay. LAX makes a point of saying bi-fueled vehicles don’t have access to the free spots; some could consider the Volt to be in this category, which might have confused the parking attendant. It turned out to be a miscommunication, and Volts are allowed to use the charging stations the same as any other dedicated EV would.

Just some food for thought if you’re a big-business traveler in Los Angeles who needs an extra push to buy an EV.

Photo Courtesy of The Future Is Electric

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