Preorder a Saab 9-4X and Get a Free iPad

As Saab prepares to launch its new crossover, the 9-4x, the automaker is trying to drum up consumer awareness by giving away Apple iPads with the first 500 preorders.

Preordering a 9-4x doesn’t require any cash down. Simply go to the automaker’s registration site and submit the form.

Once you do that, you can either pick up your iPad at your local Saab dealership and pay the $500, plus tax, for the Apple tablet before your CUV arrives or wait until after the vehicle’s delivery and get the computer for free.

For the tech nerds amongst us — this is a 16-gigabyte iPad with Wi-Fi only.

The Saab 9-4x has a starting price of $34,205, excluding a destination fee. The first Saab crossover rolled off the production line yesterday in Mexico. Expect sales to begin in May here.


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