Honda Plans U.S. Plant Slowdown, Toyota Rations Parts

The fallout from the Japanese earthquake continues as the top two Japanese automakers in the U.S. made major announcements that will impact both car shoppers and current owners.

Beginning today, Honda will begin “a strategy of temporary adjustments” to its North American production schedule. Meaning, the automaker won’t build as many cars every day as it could if there were a larger supply of parts available.

Honda builds a vast majority of the cars it sells in the U.S. in North America including the best-selling Accord, Civic and CR-V.

Toyota had already announced plans for more severe plant shutdowns in North America, but none have been scheduled — or revealed — as of yet.

The company has, however, restricted its U.S. dealers from ordering some 233 parts. Dealers are being asked to just order enough of these few replacement parts — there are some 10,000 parts used by Toyota dealers — to satisfy demand. The company doesn’t want to be left with a shortage of any vital part and is worried some dealers might over order.

Toyota rationing parts to dealers to avert hoarding (USA Today)

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