Men Ignore GPS Directions More Often Than Women

Men are more likely to ignore GPS directions than women are, according to a recent survey. While only 63% of women disobey navigation-directed commands on a regular basis, 83% of men disregard them, according to Swinton, a British insurance company.

For either gender, the number is high — combined, some 79% of motorists are disobeying commands. The reasoning behind the disregard is because motorists either perceive the devices as incorrect or less efficient than alternative ways of reaching a destination. Many motorists report that the navigation-lead directions are wrong all together. We’ve also experienced wrong-headed directions before in our Navigation challenge. Overall, one in five drivers say their navigation systems lead them 1 to 5 miles out of their way.

"A sat nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them," Steve Chelton, Swinton’s insurance development manager, told Reuters.

Men more likely to overrule satnavs than women (Reuters, Via Consumer Reports)


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