The Worst Hybrids for the Money

Every year, we determine which hybrids are the best for the money, based on body style. This year, we also take a look at the worst hybrids for the money.

What we mean by worst is this: hybrids that end up with a very low score after you divide the car’s combined EPA mileage estimate by its MSRP and multiply that number by 1,000. Our best finisher was the Honda Insight. Who was at the other end?

To be fair, many of the cars on this list are luxury cars, and you’re paying for that as much as you’re paying for the hybrid drivetrain. And some of these perform, percentage-wise, far better than their gas counterparts. (Take the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, for example.) And some shoppers, of course, want and/or need a large SUV but would like to make some kind of statement. Still, my 2003 Honda Pilot scores better (0.58) than all the cars on this list, and it’s not even a hybrid.

Here’s the bottom 10:

*MPG rating represents combined EPA cycle. Cycle includes 45% highway and 55% city driving

Chevrolet Tahoe BMW 760 GMC Yukon BMW X6 Lexus Porsche Cayenne Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cadillac Escalade Mercedes-Benz M-Class Volkswagen Touareg Hybrids/Alternative Fuels

Editor-in-Chief Patrick Olsen was born and raised in California. He loves pickup trucks and drivers who pay attention.  Email Patrick