Expect 2012 Honda Civic in Short Supply; New CR-V Delayed a Month

Honda warned its dealership network to expect supply shortages of popular models, including the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic, throughout the summer, USA Today reports.

The shortages are due to production limitations that are partly due to power disruptions as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Honda said in a dealer memo obtained by The Associated Press.

The disruptions will severely cut production of the new Civic. Even though the Civic is built in the United States and Canada, some globally sourced parts, such as chips and sensors, come from Japan and are in short supply.

On top of that, the refreshed 2012 Honda CR-V has been delayed by at least a month. The highly anticipated model was supposed to go into production this fall. To make up for the delay, Honda will continue to produce 2011 versions longer than planned.

The Honda Fit, CR-Z and Insight will also face supply shortages, as those models are built in Japan. The memo also said Acura dealerships won’t be able to order any more TSX or RL models until later this year.

Honda Warns Dealers of Shortages of Civics, More (USA Today)

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