2011 Toyota Corolla: Rental Car Review

We usually get to review rental cars when we’re on vacation; the weather is nice and there’s no work to get done. Not so this time. My wife’s car was hit while stopped at a red light. It’s now in the body shop getting fixed, and I swapped it for a 2011 Toyota Corolla LE with just 7,800 miles on it. How does a car that Cars.com’s editors have been unimpressed with do in its rawest form?

It drives like a rental.

The most pleasant thing about the drive is it’s exactly like the new models we’ve tested that are supplied by manufacturers.

That means the steering is vague, the brake pedal has too much give and the interior is bland in beige, but it is also beat up like a rental with many more miles.

Luckily, the ride and seats are comfortable, and there’s a fair amount of interior room for the amount of rental compensation we were allotted. We could have ended up in a Chevy Aveo.

Cars.com 2011 Toyota Corolla Review

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