Long Commutes Can Wreck Marriages, Health

Any regular KickingTires reader knows that I love to complain about my daily commute. That’s mainly because of my love of complaining more than my disdain for long, slow drives in gridlock while sitting in test cars. I am, after all, driving brand-new cars and testing their features and gadgets while staring at a sea of red brake lights.

My wife has a similar commute. Yesterday, she emailed me a rather shocking story from Slate.com titled, Your Commute Is Killing You. Of course, her reason for sending it was the lead stat that couples in which one person commutes longer than 45 minutes — like we both do — have a 40% higher chance of divorce. That’s not good.

Slate’s Annie Lowrey then goes into great detail about how studies over the years have shown that lengthy commutes lead to back and neck pain, obesity and just plain everything else that would make life unpleasant.

Is there a bright spot? Let us know your commute remedies in the comment section below. Do you have a favorite shock jock that helps you pass the time? Podcast? Book on tape or CD?


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