Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Infiniti EX35

By Colin Bird  on July 28, 2011

“Average Joe” from Berkeley Calif., was looking for something larger than the coupe he owned, so he traded it in for a new 2011 Infiniti EX35. The new crossover fulfills two important aspects that he and his wife were looking for: enough room to ferry the in-laws and to do so in something stylish. Continue reading below for the full reader review. Once you’re done, share your comments about your own car here.


“My wife and I just bought this car a few days ago; we traded in our 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 EX-L coupe.

“We don't have kids, but with both of our parents getting on in age we felt like we needed a car with four doors. Some people over 6 feet tall may find it a bit tight in the backseat, but for most people it will be fine. I wanted a BMW 3 Series, but she said no boring sedans! So, we spent two weeks looking around until we thought of Infiniti.

“It is a perfect four-door, has a powerful engine and I love the style; a lot of times cars these days just look so boxy. This stands out.

“The ride is quiet; you barely feel a bump, and if you’re like me and like to drive on winding roads, this thing is great. The handling is spot on; also passing anything anywhere is a breeze with the 297-horsepower engine.

“If you are thinking of buying a new compact SUV/crossover, test-drive this thing. You will love it!”