White Remains Most Popular Car Color

This shouldn't be much of surprise: White is the most popular exterior paint color worldwide for another year, according to PPG Industries, a global paint supplier.

Overall, 21% of the world’s 2011 model-year vehicles were painted white, PPG says. It has been the most popular color worldwide for a few years running.

White is also the most popular color in the United States, making up 20% of the market. Silver, once the pre-eminent color in the U.S., isn’t too far behind at 19%.  Black and gray have 18% and 15% shares, respectively.

Natural colors — browns, tans, golds, oranges and yellows — make up 7%, and green makes up 2%. Brown has resurged in the U.S. over the past few years after losing a lot of popularity in the 1980s. It seems to be a favorite press color choice for Fiat, Buick, Acura and Mini.

Color is an important buying decision for a large number of car shoppers. PPG says 48% of car buyers generally pick a car based on color. Also, owners of large luxury cars, sports cars and large SUVs are more willing to pay extra for the color of their choice, PPG says.

White Ousts Silver as America's Favorite Automotive Paint Color (Autoblog)

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