What Does This Button Do?

Those without smartphones may be confused by the “APPS” button in their new Toyota, possibly asking where Toyota hid the kitchen that dispenses the loaded potato skins or jalapeno poppers.

The “apps” vernacular should be familiar if you own a smartphone, which is what you need to make full use of the features accessed through the Apps button. But even the most tech-savvy among us are surprised by how far-flung from driving needs some of these apps are.

The Apps button is the access point for in-car mobile applications such as Bing internet search, OpenTable for restaurant reservations, Pandora internet radio and movietickets.com. The integration is part of Toyota’s Entune multimedia system paired with navigation and an upgraded stereo on SE and XLE trim levels only.

Entune integrates popular mobile applications and other features into the car’s main multimedia screen, taking the experience away from the phone and porting it to a larger screen. Entune is available in the Toyota Camry, Prius v and others.
Using the apps requires downloading the Entune application to a compatible smartphone. The apps use your phone’s internet connection and data plan, and most of the functions that require serious inputs by the user aren't accessible when driving. To see an up-close look at Entune, see our first look in the Prius v here.

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