What Does This Button Do?

I’ve been waiting for a button like this for some time: automatic doughnut mode. Engage and do your best impersonation of a winning NASCAR driver with smoky, tire-torching doughnuts until the tires pop. I wish that button did exist in something like the Dodge Challenger SRT8, but in the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser the button’s purpose is very different.

The button activates Turn Assist, an off-road steering aid to help the Land Cruiser make tight corners on rugged terrain. It does so by pulsing the rear corner brakes at low speeds to rotate the SUV around obstacles; the feature automatically disengages when speeds exceed 6 mph.
Turn Assist is part of the Land Cruiser’s suite of off-road features. Others include a Crawl Control transfer case with low range and five low-speed settings, hill descent control that maintains a set speed while descending and hill start assist to keep the vehicle stationary on steep or slippery surfaces.

Most owners won’t have to use the Turn Assist in everyday driving, but you’ll be properly equipped if your driveway or carpool lane is on the side of a mountain.

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