2013-14 Ford Escape Engine Wiring Issues

img1259320264 1443473264414 jpg 2014 Ford Escape; | Manufacturer image

Vehicles affected by this service bulletin:

  • 2013 Ford Escape
  • 2014 Ford Escape

All are equipped with 1.6-liter engine.

The problem: Owners may experience difficulty starting the engine, rough running, extended crank no-start, lack of power, loss of rpm or hesitation concerns, along with a lit Service Engine Now message. These concerns may be due to a wiring problem.

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Corrective action: Dealers will replace the signal return splices with a soldering method.

Warranty info: Repairs will be done under the new vehicle warranty, emissions warranty or extended service plan warranty, whichever applies.

What owners should do: Call your local dealer with your vehicle’s identification number to determine if it is eligible for this extended warranty. You can also call Ford at 800-565-3673 or NHTSA at 888-327-4236. Reference TSB No. 15-0005.

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Editor’s note: This is only one of dozens of service bulletins issued each month by automakers. Please check your automaker’s website to see if your vehicle has any service bulletins pending.

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