Would You Trade Your Privacy for Discounted Auto Insurance?

How much is your privacy worth? According to a new survey from Carinsurance.com, 64% of people polled said they'd allow the installation of a breathalyzer in their car if it meant getting a discount on auto insurance.

The auto insurance data company surveyed 500 licensed drivers older than 18 and found that most were willing to give up some privacy in return for an unspecified discount on their auto insurance.

According to Carinsurance.com:

  • 64% would let an insurance company install a breathalyzer in their cars.
  • 39% would let an insurance company install a data-monitoring device.
  • 37% would install a cellphone disabling device.
  • 28% would let an insurance company limit how fast their car can go.
  • 27% would severely restrict their driving miles.
  • 24% would severely restrict when they drive.
  • 20% would let an insurance company install an observation camera.

The company cautions that that this is a hypothetical situation; auto insurance companies don't currently provide discounts for the installation of breathalyzers, speed governors or cellphone disablers.

CarInsurance.com Managing Editor Des Toups says many companies offer discounts for good behavior, however. "Of course, a driving record that doesn't have a DUI [driving under the influence] or speeding ticket on it will mean cheaper insurance rates," he said in a statement.

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