Does the Ford F-150 Have a Pass-Through?

"Does the Ford F-150 have a pass-through to the truck bed?"

No, the Ford F-150 does not have a pass-through feature from the rear seat to the cargo box.

We wondered what prompted your question, so we poked around on the Internet — where you have to view many things with skepticism — and saw references to a pass-through feature in dealer ads for used F-150s. When we bounced this question off of Ford, we were told there is no such animal on the F-150.

The F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew models have rear seats with cushions that flip up to create more interior storage space.

The only pickup truck that offers a pass-through feature is the Chevrolet Avalanche (now in its last year of production), which has a “midgate” that folds to extend the cargo area into the interior.

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