Which SUVs Have Second- and Third-Row Bench Seats?

"Which SUVs have second- and third-row bench seats?"

Teresa P., Richmond, Ind.

Dozens of SUV models fit that description, from midsize to full-size, so you should use the Cars.com Vehicle Recommender, found here, to assist you in finding ones that meet other requirements you might have, including a price range, fuel economy, safety equipment, and comfort and convenience features. Among your choices are the Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder. Most three-row SUVs have standard bench seats in the second and third rows, though they are typically divided so you can fold the two sides separately. If captain's chairs are available, they usually are standard on high-priced models and often optional on lower-priced models.

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