Government Shutdown Puts Brakes on Car Recalls

The impact of the federal government's shutdown is just beginning to be felt. One area affecting car owners is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will not be posting any new recall notices as of today.

A note on NHTSA's website, which isn't easy to locate if you’re not a regular user of the site, reads:

"Due to a lapse of Federal Government funding, NHTSA is unable to post any new recalls after close of business September 30, 2013. Recall searches will remain available but are only current as of that time. Consumers can continue to file safety defect complaints via this website, but they will not be evaluated by NHTSA staff until funding and services are restored."

In September we ran 11 Recall Alerts. We don't publish NHTSA recalls on motorcycles or work and transportation vehicles like buses.

Automakers can announce their own recalls during this period.

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