Which New SUV Is Comparable to the Saturn Vue?

"Which new SUV is comparable to the Saturn Vue? I am driving my fourth Saturn Vue and have been really frustrated at the thought of replacing it. I already looked at the Equinox but passed because it is not comparable — it's bigger and pricier. Then I saw the Chevrolet Captiva! Problem solved — or so I thought (fleet only). If I can't buy a Captiva, I will go to another brand. I buy new, so a used Captiva is not an option in my mind."


If you don't qualify as a "fleet" buyer, then the only way you can buy a Chevrolet Captiva Sport is on the used-car market. The Captiva is the Saturn Vue redeployed as a fleet vehicle. It is not offered for retail sale in the U.S.

Here are three similar-size SUVs that could replace your Vue, which when it was redesigned for the 2009 model year (production ended in 2010 when GM dropped the Saturn brand) had an overall length of 180 inches, passenger volume of 98 cubic feet and maximum cargo volume of 56 cubic feet:

  • Ford Escape: overall length 178 inches, passenger volume 98 cubic feet, cargo volume 68 cubic feet
  • Honda CR-V: overall length 178 inches, passenger volume 104 cubic feet, cargo volume 71 cubic feet
  • Mazda CX-5: overall length 179 inches, passenger volume 104 cubic feet, cargo volume 65 cubic feet
  • You might find the prices of these current SUVs also comparable to the Vue, which in 2009 started at $24,025. The 2013 CR-V starts at $23,625, the Escape at $23,365 and the CX-5 at $21,790, though in all three cases top-end models can push $30,000. (All prices include destination.)

    The Cars.com Vehicle Recommender, here, can help you find other smaller SUVs that might fit your size and budget requirements.

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