Honda FCEV Concept Photo Gallery

Its sleek, clean, utopian-future looks suggest something Conan O'Brien might envision earthlings driving "in the year 2000." But Honda's not joking when it says its Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle Concept, which debuted Wednesday at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, will be a reality by 2015. Honda says the show car expresses a potential styling direction for its next-generation FCEV, and that, "While this car is a concept, it points toward a very real future." By the time the car reaches production, Honda says, it will boast the world's first application of a fuel-cell powertrain packaged entirely in the engine space of the vehicle; this will allow for expanded cabin room and greater potential application of the technology to multiple vehicle types.

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Honda says technological advancements have led to major increases in power output to 100 kilowatts while reducing the fuel-cell stack size by a third compared with the automaker's existing fuel-cell car, the FCX Clarity. The production FCEV will deliver an anticipated 300-mile driving range with a quick-fueling time of about 3 minutes and will seat five thanks to powertrain-space savings. Check out the photo gallery below; photos by Evan Sears.

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