2014 Detroit Auto Show: Acura to Unveil TSX, TL Replacement Dubbed TLX

Acura has announced that it will show a new TLX Prototype, a midlevel performance-oriented luxury sedan concept, at the upcoming 2014 North American International Auto Show in January in Detroit. The production version of the TLX will replace both the TSX and TL sedans in the brand's lineup. It is the next step in creating a three-level sedan lineup, says Acura, with the smaller ILX at the entry level and the larger RLX as the flagship.

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The TLX will feature two new direct-injected engines mated to a new transmission, and will be available in two- or all-wheel drive (Acura has not specified if the car will be front-wheel drive, but seeing as how the brand has no rear-wheel-drive platform, this would be a safe bet).

Acura has not yet released specific details on the new TLX, but more information is expected at the Detroit auto show.

The new TLX is expected to have all of the latest advanced electronic equipment, and the brand is being very clear that the spirit of the car is more in keeping with the sportiness of the TSX rather than the luxury of the TL. Acura promises that the new TLX will be "muscular" and aggressively styled, which may or may not be a good thing.

Acura's recent forays into more distinctive styling have been less than successful; hopefully the TLX will debut a new styling language that will be both distinctive and[JLB2] attractive. The production car should go on sale in the second half of next year, at which point Acura will discontinue production and sales of the TL and TSX nameplates.

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