Is the Jeep Compass the Smallest in its Lineup?

"Is the Jeep Compass the smallest in Jeep's lineup?"


Not if you're deciding that based on overall length or width. The Wrangler two-door is shortest in length and the Patriot is the narrowest. The Compass is smaller than other Jeeps only in height and base curb weight. The Wrangler has the smallest interior volume at 88 cubic feet, compared with the Compass' 101 cubic feet and the Patriot's 104 cubic feet. Here's how the Compass' exterior dimensions compare to the similar Patriot's — they're built on the same platform — and the two-door Wrangler's:

Length (inches): Compass, 175.1; Patriot, 173.8; Wrangler, 163.8

Width (inches): Compass, 71.4; Patriot, 69.2; Wrangler, 73.7

Height (inches): Compass, 65.0; Patriot, 65.5; Wrangler, 70.9

Weight (pounds): Compass, 3,097; Patriot, 3,136; Wrangler, 3,879

You can use the Compare feature to see how the Compass measures up in other ways to the rest of the Jeep lineup. We set up a comparison for you, here.

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