2014 Mini Cooper S Real-World Cargo Space

“Mini” has never been an accurate descriptor of the Cooper Hardtop. While small, the car still offers a usable amount of space, and the 2014 redesign only increases its functionality thanks to a larger cargo area.

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“The cargo area is now 8.7 cubic feet, up from 5.7 cubic feet, with the rear seats in place. This is the measurement with the adjustable cargo floor/shelf flipped up, out of the way, revealing a deeper cargo well similar to what you’ll find in most minivans. This allows for two sizable items, like overhead suitcases or perhaps even golf bags, to stand up in the well. However, most users will likely leave the shelf in place, storing some items underneath it and putting more on top. The shelf can ratchet up to a second position, flush with the backs of the rear seats when they’re folded flat, for an expanded cargo floor. That total space is 38.0 cubic feet,” Cars.com reviewer David Thomas explains in his review.

See how well common cargo items fit in the 2014 Mini Cooper S below.

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Cars.com photos by Evan Sears

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