2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Prices Jump $2,000

Have you already ordered your 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray or Stingray convertible? If you've been sitting on the fence, you'll be shelling out more cash for one.

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General Motors has raised the price on its hot-selling halo car, bumping the starting price of a Stingray coupe from $51,995, including destination, to $53,995. The convertible jumps a similar amount, from $56,995 to $58,995. The Z51 Performance Package is also more expensive by $1,200 to a total package price of $4,000. This means that a base coupe with the Z51 option will run you $57,995, while the same option in a convertible will cost $62,995.

A Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed that the price increase took effect on all vehicles ordered after March 1, 2014. Any vehicles already on dealer lots or ordered before that date will be held at the old prices.

While it's not quite the screaming bargain that the Corvette was at its introduction, demand for the redesigned 2014 model has meant it has spent all winter on the fastest-sellers list (see the February 2014 list here), so GM has decided to make a little more coin on it. That's still not much money for what is a vastly capable machine, as the Corvette can do things for which competitors charge tens of thousands of dollars more.

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