Daylight Saving Time Brings Driving Danger

Daylight saving time, what is it really saving us? It costs us time and energy running around resetting all those clocks. It's been shown to reduce productivity in the workplace, not to mention increase our chances of being hurt on the job. And If you're unfortunate enough to be acquainted with a journalist or strict grammarian, you're going to have to listen to them smugly remind you that the proper term is daylight saving time, not savings.

Things get worse on the road. The biannual time change and the resulting sleep interruption has been shown to increase your chances of being in a traffic accident today by 6 percent, with an elevated driving risk on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well. On the bright side (literally), increased daylight also means decreased driving in the dark, resulting in fewer car crashes.

Get the full story on daylight saving time and its effects on how we roll as a society from USA Today.


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