Auto-Recall Database Still on Track for Aug. 20

Almost a year ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it would have an online recall database for shoppers to check if a car they're shopping had an unrepaired recall. Current owners could also check the database to see if their car needed recall work done. At the time, NHTSA set a deadline of Aug. 14, 2014, for automakers to furnish the data to the agency, post it on their own websites and update it weekly. (Some already do this.)

Two auto-industry groups appealed to move the date back two months. But The Detroit News reports that NHTSA is still on track to have the database running on Aug. 20 through its consumer website, Automakers that sell at least 25,000 cars per year must comply, so certain exotics may be exempt.

Our friends at The Detroit News have the full story. Click here to read it.

NHTSA image

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