What Our Kids Like: Games

Ah, road trips: What parents see as a way to see the more majestic and quirky parts of our country are what kids might see as a study in the mundane.

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There are plenty of ways to entertain kids during a road trip, whether with snacks, special toys doled out throughout the journey or just by chatting up the little ones. (If you've reached the tween/teen stage and have to deal with occasional stony silences, just remember it's a phase.)

But what about having the kids entertain themselves? Here are some of our picks for in-car games of both the non-electronic and electronic variety to give parents a break as the candy-hander-outers, trash-collectors and 20-questions-champions of the universe.

David Thomas, managing editor

Kids: ages 6 and 5

Children's favorite in-car game (electronic): They both have iPod touches and play Despicable Me: Minion Rush. My son also likes Star Wars Angry Birds. My daughter enjoys various dress-up apps for Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake.


Kristin Varela, chief mom

Kids: ages 13, 11 and 9

Children's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): The license-plate game and 20 questions always keep the kids entertained on road trips.

Children's favorite in-car game (electronic): We all like Heads-Up, Quizzler Family and Weird But True apps.


Jennifer Geiger, assistant managing editor

Kid: age 4

Child's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): A ton of sticker books and a doodle toy for drawing.

Child's favorite in-car game (electronic): Movies on mom's tablet.


Jennifer Newman, assistant managing editor

Kids: ages 11 and 7

Children's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): Magnetic travel versions of bingo and tic-tac-toe.

Children's favorite in-car game (electronic): Where's My Water and Minecraft apps on iPhones.


Paul Dolan, visual designer

Kids: ages 10 and 6

Children's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): I Spy.

Children's favorite in-car game (electronic): Mostly Minecraft, Instagram or whatever iPhone app they're into at the moment.


Carrie Kim, Cars.com contributor

Kid: age 3

Child's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): Sing-a-longs and looking for "hamster" cars, aka Kia Souls.

Child's favorite in-car game (electronic): Read-to-me storybooks on the iPad.


Sara Lacey, Cars.com contributor

Kids: ages 9 and 11

Children's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): Go Games Magnetic Travel Bingo. It's got spaces for more than just stop signs and trains. There are clever spaces that keep the kids looking for unusual objects like broken-down barns, ice-cream places and skunk smell. There's even a mullet space and one for a giant animal sculpture.

Children's favorite in-car game (electronic): Flappy Bird, The Heist and all the various Doodle games (Cookie Doodle, Donut Doodle, Shoe Doodle). We also like podcasts from How Stuff Works and Stuff You Missed in History Class, though those need to be previewed for content for younger kids.


Courtney Messenbaugh, Cars.com contributor

Kids: ages 7, 5 and 4

Children's favorite in-car game (non-electronic): We play the letter game (go through the alphabet and list as many words as possible with that letter).


What about you? Help out parents everywhere who will be heading out on road trips this summer by sharing your kids' favorite games in the comment section below.


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