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Toyota has finally released pricing on its new TRD Pro Series Tacoma package, which will be available in August. As you may recall, we had a blast driving the new off-road package through the desert race routes outside Las Vegas. And that shouldn't surprise anyone because this new Toyota Racing Development Pro Tacoma offers even more suspension and design changes than the .

As a quick reminder, the new TRD Pro Tacoma has unique, dual reservoir shocks, race-inspired bump stops, 16-inch headlock-style rims, almost 2 inches of front-end lift, more wheel travel, a TRD exhaust, cool badging and a classic front grille that spells out the name Toyota, just like the company did back in the day.

When the Baja T|X debuted, prices started in the mid-$33,000 range (Access Cab and six-speed manual transmission) and topped out at $36,000 (double cab with a five-speed automatic). The new, more aggressively equipped and more capable TRD Pro Series Tacoma comes with a healthy price jump when compared to the 2012 Baja T/X prices (see the differences below), but we think it's worth it.

We also like that Toyota will continue to offer both cab configurations with both a manual and automatic transmission, and we think the unique grille should be moved across the entire truck lineup. Additionally, Toyota says it's in a much better postition at the San Antonio truck plant be flexible with Pro Series Tacomas. The previous Baja was a special-run model, meaning Toyota did only one or two runs a year to make the 1000 or so Baja T/Xs per year that were sold in 2012 and 2013. 

2015 TRD Pro Series Tacoma pricing (including destination):

  • Tacoma Access Cab V-6 six-speed manual: $36,410 (2012 Baja T/X $33,800)
  • Tacoma Access Cab V-6 five-speed automatic: $37,390 ($34,785)
  • Tacoma Double Cab V-6 six-speed manual: $37,320 ($35,085)
  • Tacoma Double Cab V-6 five-speed automatic: $38,300 ($36,065)

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