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Used Luxury Cars Cheaper in January, Full-Size Vans More Expensive

Used luxury cars became more affordable in January, with seven of the 10 models with the biggest price drops hailing from luxury brands.

Average asking prices for Mercedes-Benz’s flagship S-Class sedan fell the most last month, down 4.2 percent ($2,757) to $63,563. Close behind were two models from rival BMW: the 535i midsize car and Z4 sports car. Their prices declined 4.1 percent ($1,869) and 4 percent ($1,685), respectively.

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Meanwhile, four of the top five models with the greatest price gains were versions of two full-size vans: the Chevrolet Express and Ford E-Series. The Express 1500 had the biggest price increase, up 4.8 percent ($1,014), and the E-250 Super Duty was a close second with a 4.5 percent ($1,015) jump.

The charts detail used cars from the 2012 to 2014 model years with the biggest price drops and increases. To be eligible for the lists, a model had to have at least 250 cars in’s national search listings.

Source: used-car listings, 2012 to 2014 model years photo by Evan Sears