2017 Ford Super Duty: 16 Segment-First Technologies


Giving the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty a complete redesign and engineering makeover was long overdue, but at least the Ford team did its homework. With the exception of upgraded powertrains, it doesn't seem like Ford left any tricks in the bag.

Many of the new technologies are a direct or indirect carryover from the recently reengineered 2015 Ford F-150, but many others are heavy-duty truck advances that are bound to make any HD pickup truck buyer happy.

Here are the 16 all-new optional or packaged technologies offered on the 2017 Super Duty that are designed to put the Super Duty ahead of Ram, Chevrolet and GMC HDs.

A 360-degree camera. First offered in a pickup truck on the 2015 Ford F-150, the system has been adapted to help the larger Super Duty trucks navigate tight spaces. What's especially impressive about the multicamera setup is that you can get a wide-angle view from the front or back camera separately, and you can zoom in if needed (perfect for lining up a trailer hitch).

Adaptive steering. Ford has provided a computer-controlled system designed to reduce the amount of steering input when cornering with or without a trailer at low speeds; it also reduces sensitivity to sharp steering inputs at higher speeds all in the name of reducing driver fatigue.

Adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation. The high-mounted camera in the front windshield keeps track of surrounding vehicles and obstacles, and can provide both audible and visual information to the driver about approaching issues. It will even, depending on the situation, provide collision warnings and deliver some braking power.


Blind spot warning with cross-traffic alert. Using radar sensors in the rear taillight and front bumper, the vehicle is able to warn the driver of oncoming cross traffic as well as vehicles in the driver's blind spot. The system also works when towing.

BoxLink. Ford's cargo management system, first seen last year on the 2015 Ford F-150, makes a smooth transition to the HD side of the aisle. Various clip-in accessories provide extra storage, tie-down points or even bed-loading ramps.

Customer-placed backup camera. As part of its camera technology push, Ford is offering a new trailer plug that now incorporates a seventh camera option so the driver can see what's going on behind the trailer. The hard-wired external camera makes for safer towing and also allows for additional camera installations.

Flat-floor cabs. Since the 2017 Super Duty essentially uses all three cab structures from the Ford F-150, cabs will benefit from many of the same features, like a folding backseat that creates a flat floor. Exclusive to Super Duty on some models is a collapsible under-seat storage box.

A 400-watt outlet. This is also a carryover item from the F-150 cabs, and it's a welcome addition for anyone who needs to plug in computers, battery chargers or small appliances at the worksite.

LED lights all around. Just like the F-150, all Super Dutys offer LED headlight packages, LED spotlights on sideview mirrors and a set of LED lights in the bed of the truck with a manual, watertight on/off switch.

New front and rear seats. The Super Duty seats are similar to the new F-150 seats, but they have two key features the half-ton does not. XL Super Duty seats have standard lumbar support, and the center console seat in 40/20/40 front seats has a lockable underseat storage cubby.

Remote tailgate lock and release. Like some SUVs and high-end half-ton pickups, the new Super Duty offers the ability to lock or unlock your tailgate from the key fob as well as drop the tailgate.

Smart trailer tow module. This smart computer system now detects more connection errors in the connector itself as well as detects if various trailer lights are out. The system can also recognize up to 10 different trailers that can be identified by name, type and size.


Next-generation tailgate step. Another carryover item from the F-150, this lighter-duty and simplified step setup fits more invisibly into the tailgate when not needed. It also holds more weight than the previous model but is lighter overall.

Trailer reverse guidance. With this camera system, Ford puts dotted and hard lines on the backup screen when in Reverse to help drivers know where and how the truck is headed.

Inflatable safety belts. The back-row seats offer the Ford-exclusive inflatable shoulder strap safety belts to better protect passengers from bruising or bone breakage.

Trailer tire pressure monitors. The same sensors that read the Super Duty's tire pressure can also be setup to include trailer tires on a connected trailer. photos by Evan Sears



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