2017 GMC Sierra 3500: Photo Gallery


The 2017 GMC Sierra 3500¬†Denali 4×4 dually that is part of our upcoming 2017 One-Ton Heavy-Duty Pickup Challenge offered a clean look and some impressive empty and loaded driving dynamics, but the most impressive piece of technology stays completely invisible to the driver. As we talk about in the Challenge, the amount of thrust and exhaust braking offered by this new variable-vein turbo inside the all-new Duramax is one of the most impressive upgrades we've seen on a new heavy-duty pickup in a long time.

Here's a closer look at the second of our two challengers; look for the 2017 One-Ton Challenge to publish Aug. 14. To see photos of the other challenger, the 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350, click . photos by Evan Sears



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