2020 Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Video: Inside, Outside and Under the Hood

Whether you love or hate the new look of the , you have to respect that Ford has come to the heavy-duty truck fight with some major weapons. Making their debut at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, Ford’s 2020 HD pickup lineup boasts a well-freshened powertrain roster that now include the biggest big-block gas V-8 offered by any manufacturer along with an upgraded turbo-diesel Power Stroke that is likely to set some torque records when Ford finally releases the factory ratings.

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The interior carries over from the previous Super Duty with a few small design changes and feature additions the most noteworthy being the Pro Trailer Backup Assist coming over from the light-duty F-150 pickup. We’re guessing the take rate will be fairly low for this new feature among heavy-duty pickup buyers, since many owners in this market take great pride in their towing abilities and experience. However, based on , if they give it a try, the system will convince them that, no matter how good they are, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist can do it better. A knob controller does most of the precise steering work for the truck and trailer.

Finally, the new gasoline 7.3-liter 36-valve V-8 will be a good choice for buyers who need more juice than the smallish 6.2-liter V-8 offered. This in-house-designed V-8 includes internal camshafts, a new forged steel crank inside a cast-iron block, cooling jets for pistons, super high-pressure port fuel injection and a variable displacement oil pump that can provide more cooling oil when needed and reduce parasitic losses when it doesn’t.

We’ll know more about these big trucks and how their powertrain upgrades change (or don’t change) the Super Duty personalities when we get our chance to drive them in early summer. For now, the video below highlights what stood out to us.

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