2020 Rivian R1T Electrifies L.A. Auto Show: Photo Gallery


Getting attention in a city like Los Angeles is always a challenge, but apparently not when you're a brand-new pickup truck that seems to solve many problems. Such is the case for the that debuted Monday at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. If you need to carry lots of gear, make an adventure-themed statement or simply never stop at a dirty gas station again, the Rivian R1T could be the solution.

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The R1T won't be available for sale for at least another year, but we're told people are already putting down a $1,000 deposit to be among the first to get an early model. Rivian says that after the federal tax credit, an R1T will start at $61,500, but a fully loaded truck could easily climb to $80,000.

The Rivian R1T structure does not require a traditional three-box pickup design — hood, cab and bed. But the designers wanted customers to know instantly that the R1T is a pickup, so it has a hood, cab and bed. Engineers included some impressive gross vehicle weight rating and payload numbers to back up the truck's utility. From the mid-ship storage tunnel to the fully droppable tailgate and the massive front trunk, this electric pickup offers a new kind of form and function. And don't get us started about the interior. Think Range Rover in terms of detail and material choices along with a huge information control screen that would make Tesla owners drool.

We thought you might want to take a closer look at some of the Rivian R1T's details inside and underneath, so we're providing you with all the photos we could get among the crowds at the show. No doubt we'll hear more from Rivian now that its coming-out party is over. photos by Mark Williams



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