6x6 F-350 Dinosaur Unearthed on eBay


The guys at Jalopnik found this monster on eBay and decided to put it on display for all to see. The owner is trying to sell this modified '93 F-350 for a listed price of $65,000, but we're guessing he'll take much less. The ad also mentions he'll consider any and all trades. 

The big truck is a true 6×6, as the owner uses a second transfer case as a splitter, sending two driveshafts to each of the rear axles. The truck sits on a custom air suspension that allows for a five- and/or six-inch lift allowing for six 42-inch Mickey Thompsons under each fenderwell.

Feel free to contact the owners after you read more about the truck and see more photos by clicking here.  


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