A Look at the Next BMW M3's V-8 Engine

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We don’t normally geek out about gearhead stuff here; we’re more about the average-Joe car shopper. However, when it comes to the next BMW M3, we do gush a bit, and we’re guessing most car fans will appreciate a look at the first V-8 engine to go under the hood of one of the most respected cars on the road.

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First thing we have to say: 420 horsepower! We like that number; 295 pounds-feet of torque isn’t as impressive, but we’ll still take it. Max revs are said to be 8,300 rpm, with 85% of torque available at 2,000 rpm. The 4.0-liter V-8 is also one of the lightest ever made at 445 pounds.

All these numbers are making us even more excited than we were seeing the M3 concept a few weeks back.

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