Acura Issues Stop-Sale on Certain TLX Sedans

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Bloomberg News reported Dec. 9 that Acura told dealers to suspend sales of certain V-6 versions of the redesigned 2015 TLX because the parking brake may fail, and the car could roll away if parked. Parent company Honda said it would notify TLX owners beginning Jan. 6, Bloomberg said. A Honda spokesman told the news agency the company is still investigating whether the condition has led to any accidents.

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Honda told that it notified dealers to stop sales on Dec. 4, but the order only applies to certain cars. “Acura notified its U.S. dealers to stop the sale of certain TLX V6 [sic] vehicles until they receive specific inspection and repair instructions from Acura,” the automaker said in a statement. “Only certain vehicles are included in this action, and nearly all new TLX V6 [sic] vehicles being delivered to dealers currently are unaffected by this stop sale order.”

That suggests the automaker has already come up with a fix, and virtually all cars leaving the assembly line right now have been remedied. Honda did not elaborate on the cause or solution. It also didn’t say how long sales would be stopped or whether current V-6 TLX owners should bring their cars in. The automaker only said Acura will provide more information when it’s available and encourages drivers to use the parking brake whenever they park.

Depending how many cars are affected, TLX shoppers could see a significant number of potential cars barred from sales. new-car inventory shows the vast majority of TLX sedans (77.8 percent) have the 290-horsepower, direct-injection V-6, which has played a big role in the car’s popularity — specifically, 15,293 sales between the TLX’s August showroom debut and November. Last month, the sedan handily beat year-ago sales figures for the cars it replaced, the TL and TSX, to become Acura’s second-best-selling car behind the popular MDX.

Besides the V-6, the TLX also has a 206-hp, four-cylinder version that’s a punchy drivetrain in its own right. It’s also the most affordable choice, with a starting price of $31,915 including destination. Six-cylinder models add another $4,225, but that’s the only way to get the car’s optional all-wheel drive. photo by Evan Sears

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