AEV Branches Out With Parts for Chevrolet Colorado


For the first time in its 21-year history, off-road and overlanding outfitter American Expedition Vehicles has released aftermarket parts for a vehicle that's not made by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The company showed off two items for the Chevrolet Colorado during the recent Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Ariz., marking the start of what the company hopes will be a lucrative expansion into vehicles besides Jeeps and Rams. You might remember seeing the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 AEV concept pickup truck at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, which offered many parts and technology for the mid-size pickup, so what we saw at the expo is likely just the beginning.

AEV showcased two pieces for the Colorado: a snorkel kit and the new Crestone DualSport wheels, both available for any model year of the current-generation Colorado, including the off-road-ready ZR2. The snorkel kit fits both the 3.6-liter V-6 gasoline and 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder Duramax engines, and is designed to deliver clean, cool air to the engine instead of acting as an aid for water fording. While the snorkel does seal to the airbox, AEV representatives at the expo said that the snorkel's real purpose is to get the intake air above the roofline and out of dustier conditions closer to the body. The water-fording depth of the Colorado is not affected (so don't go too deep).

The Crestone DualSport wheel is a new design from AEV and can be configured in one of three ways: full beadlock, a rim protector ring for street or off-road use, or without a protector ring at all for a minimalist look. The wheel is a cast aluminum design with a recessed valve stem, is fully Department of Transportation compliant and allows for full function of the factory tire pressure monitoring system.

AEV displayed a Chevrolet Colorado at the Overland Expo and said that adding the snorkel and wheels to its product lineup was in direct response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback the company received from its ZR2 AEV concept. Of all the special parts developed for the Colorado concept, these two received the most interest, according to AEV. While not available for purchase through Chevrolet dealerships just yet, the snorkel and wheels can be bought from AEV directly or through its distributor outlets. The snorkel is available now, with the wheels slated to be available in July.

Will there be more parts for the Colorado from AEV? The company hopes so, but it will first assess consumer interest in these two items. photos by Aaron Bragman



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