After Memorial Day, Gas Prices Stay Steady

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CARS.COM — Gas prices remained stable in most parts of the country this past week, and the national average for regular gas rose by a penny to $2.38, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

That’s less than what it was a month ago and just six cents higher than a year ago, so a 15-gallon fill up today on average costs less than $1 more this year.

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Premium gas rose a penny to $2.90, or 11 cents higher than a year ago, and diesel fuel was unchanged from a week ago at $2.51. Diesel is 18 cents higher than a year ago, but prices typically drop during the summer.

Here’s a brief look around at what’s going on with the cost of gas across the U.S.:

  • Though pump prices fluctuated by only a few cents or less in many areas, motorists in Ohio saw the statewide average for regular rise 5 cents, and in Indiana and Michigan it rose 6 cents. Prices can be highly volatile in the Great Lakes states, and average prices in Michigan and Ohio have climbed 17 cents over the past three weeks.

  • California remained the most expensive state for gas, with regular averaging $3.10, followed by Hawaii at $3.07 and Alaska at $2.90.

  • South Carolina had the lowest average for regular, $2.04, followed by Alabama at $2.09 and Mississippi at $2.10.

The price of gasoline hinges largely on the cost of oil, and the price of oil fell more than $2 per barrel this past week. It was trading at around $48.35 early Thursday, lower than it was five weeks ago.

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